Artages, Aged 50 Years, Armenian Brandy

Artages, Aged 50 Years, Armenian Brandy


Subtle notes of dried apricots, elegancy of the finest chocolate and noble shades of walnut – the harmony of the ARTAGES 50 turns one’s sensations into emotions.

A glass of ARTAGES 50 is a marvelous pleasure to be enjoyed alone as well as a great occasion to share a dialogue with the one we respect.

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Being recognized as a genuine artwork of “indisputable quality” ARTAGES 50 Years Aged is a blend of different spirits, each of which became a pile in a rich mosaic of its taste. Its shiny golden color is evolving in amber which plays with the complex aromas of vanilla, ginger, and walnut.

The round taste turns unique with every shade of taste given by the rarest spirit reserves of Yerevan Brandy Company.