Artages, Aged 70 Years, Armenian Brandy

Artages, Aged 70 Years, Armenian Brandy


Taking a unique position in the range of extra aged brandies, ARTAGES 70 is the rarest reserve the whole epoch of which is reflected in the profoundly rich, long, and resonating taste of this blend.

The notes of toasted nuts, dried plums, figs comprise the mosaic of the taste and brings a noble pleasure for those who appreciate the smoothness of intensity.

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ARTAGES 70 Years Aged is an exquisite Armenian Brandy made from Rarest Reserve collection.

This ultimate edition of 100 bottles is created at Yerevan Brandy Company, the cradle of craftsmanship and traditions of Armenian Brandy.

The story of ARTAGES begins right in the middle of XX century.

A unique blend of the rarest spirits of treasury of Yerevan Brandy Company ARTAGES 70 is an exquisite brandy which dare present the finest selection of the rarest spirits in one bouquet.

With the tribute to those masters who invested their craftsmanship in the spirits decades ago, ARTAGES 70 invites you to appreciate the moment and enjoy the elusive beauty of this limited edition.